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Yes, Confident Drivers Academy has been officially approved by MTO!

G1 license copy, phone number and email address are required. Full payment can be paid by e-transfer at [email protected]

You can make the complete payment for the BDE course by e-transferring to [email protected]. You can also pay in installments by making half the payment before you start the online e-learning course, and then the remaining amount before you begin in car lessons.

To begin e-learning pay the full price of the selected package which includes 20 hours BDE (Beginner driver education) course and 10 hours homework link. And also the school will then assign a driving instructor for 10 hours in-car training. Payment method for e-learning is Interact e-Transfer to [email protected] (Auto Deposit).

After completing your online eLearntodrive course, 20 hours BDE and 10 hours homework, the school will contact you and will give you the driver instructor’s name and phone number for in-car lessons.

The full course includes 20 hours of BDE course, 10 hours of homework link and 10 hours of in-car lessons. Total of 40 hours course load.

You must finish the course within 1 year after course registration.

You can reduce road test time to 8 months and insurance discount will depend on eligibility.

<p>After completing your full course, and once you are enrolled in the MTO system, you can go to your nearest Service Ontario with your Driver’s License and get your Driving License History. Please note that there is a fee for the certificate.</p>

You can call 1-888-570-6110 or go to the drivetest.ca or contact Confident Drivers Academy for assistance. Please make sure to pay applicable ministry fee for the road test before contacting.

Please call Confident Driver’s Academy at 647 717 5846 for assistance to individual concerns!